• Automatic and Manual Orange Juicer Machines
Orange and Pineapple Juicers

Orange and Pineapple Juicers

Automatic and Manual Orange Juicer Machines , Pineapple Peeler Machines .



upright , under counters refrigerators and freezers, blast chillers, cold and freezer rooms .

Hot Line Equipment

Hot Line Equipment

Electric and gas ranges ,fry top, fryers , charcoal , lava stone grill , boiling , tilting pan , convection and Combi steamer ovens .

About ICON

With its complete range of Hotel and Restaurants kitchen equipment & Laundry equipment, ICON offers an enormous choice of products and associated services. From small locations to biggest locations, from busy locations up to public installations every specific need is fully satisfied.

ICON, a leader supported by facts.

Supplying innovative machines to cover all market needs, this is the mission of ICON.

Company Profile

Founded in Egypt in 2018, ICON rapidly expanded to become an Egyptian company leader in professional kitchen equipment.

Our company is structured in three different groups: kitchen equipment, laundry equipment and ending machines.

We place a great superior quality of our product ranges. Our teams provide fast problem resolution and the ability to establish a high-value image through our partners.

ICON is representative for many brands around the world from Italy, Spain, Turkey, France.

Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, bakery, bar, patisserie, cafeteria, school, hospital, or supermarket, we have the right product for you.